OREA asked us to develop a single communications strategy—with two audiences and two objectives. We needed to change the negative perception the public tended to have of REALTORS®, while simultaneously demonstrating the benefits and value of OREA membership to Ontario REALTORS®.

Buying or selling a home is not merely a financial transaction. It’s often at the heart of a major life transition and fraught with excitement, fear, confusion—and frequently differing opinions. We chose to tap into those emotions and show that having a professional by your side is a tremendous benefit when you’re making a difficult life decision.

We positioned REALTORS® as professionals who do the homework. This fulfilled the dual objectives of the strategy because REALTORS® provide their clients with the best possible outcome by “doing the homework,” and they literally “do their homework” to earn and keep their license. This message simultaneously reassured the public and built pride amongst REALTORS®. The integrated campaign included television commercials, out-of-home advertising and a novel microsite.


Out-of-Home Advertising

TV Commercials

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