In the financial planning world, having a strong and reputable brand character is essential. Too frequently Canadians have received financial planning advice from unscrupulous people who don’t have their best interests at heart. Canadians need to know the advice they’re receiving about their hard-earned savings is both objective and safe.

The Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada (FPSC), a not-for-profit organization that sets high standards for the profession, offers Canadians reassurance through their Certified Financial Planner® (CFP©) certificate program.

To earn the CFP© designation, vigorous qualifications must be met. Our role was to communicate to existing financial planners, potential financial planners and the public that the CFP© designation is the gold standard in financial planning.

To that end, we designed and developed an innovative recruitment piece, a host of print publications and corporate positioning materials, and FPSC’s recently launched website.




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Passport to CFP© Designation

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FP Standard Magazine