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Our philosophy is simple: engage the target audience with ideas that are intuitive, arresting and compelling. In collaboration with our clients, we apply our skills as strategists, writers and designers to create the optimal communications for their projects—in print, broadcast, online or out-of-home.

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Our Network

Instead of departments, we have partners—specialists who are at the top of their game. Our partners run their own businesses, and their values mirror ours. For you, that means senior talent works on your business in every area that relates to your project. For each assignment we engage only the partners that are needed, and ryanedwards directs the project from beginning to end.


  • wm-logoWalker Media
    Michael Walker has partnered with us for 20 years. He has a particularly keen eye for finding the most relevant media that gives the greatest bang for the buck.
  • social-lab-logoSocial Lab
    Social Media Marketing
    Social Lab knows how to engage with the complex social media culture. They find your natural home in the online social sphere and devise a social media strategy that’s ideal for your message and your brand.
  • about-trajectoryTrajectory
    Brand Positioning
    No one knows how to position brands better than Trajectory. A hot house of intellectual and design talent, Trajectory often collaborates with ryanedwards on projects that require high-level brand expertise.
  • about-annAnn Connolly + Associates
    French Creative Services
    An integral part of our strategic and creative team, Ann Connolly and her colleagues provide French adaptations that resonate with—and motivate—target audiences in Quebec.
  • about-francesFrances Smith
    Broadcast Producer
    For over 15 years Frances has been our producer-of-choice for all our television and radio productions. Top in her field, she’s as easy to work with as she is experienced.

David Jones


Dave has spent his twenty year career providing online and offline communications counsel to the world’s top brands. David has been a blogger, podcaster and speaker on the intersection of PR, advertising and media since 2005. ryanedwards gained a wealth of expertise in social media and digital with his help.


Doug Walker


Doug has been around since the birth of online marketing in Canada, working for over two decades in traditional and digital advertising. Doug may be best known for taking Rock Paper Scissors from the schoolyard to an annual world championship event, book deal, feature-length documentary and a Guinness world record. Prior to joining ryanedwards, Doug was Managing Director at Trigger in Calgary


Jim Ryan

President (Emeritus)

It’s possible Jim missed his calling. He’s too caring and too humble for a career in advertising. Which may be why he’s still in it. Jim gained oodles of experience in account management and strategy development at hot shops like McCann-Erickson, Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB), and Miller Myers Bruce Dalla Costa, but the true proof of Jim’s mettle is right here at ryanedwards. While other Canadian agencies fell like dominoes over the last 25 years, ryanedwards has never stopped moving forward. Kind of like a Volkswagen in winter.



Stephanie Richmond Edwards

Senior Writer

Words are Stephanie’s obsession. She plays with them like a toddler plays with blocks. Just when a sentence becomes fulsome, robust and proud, she gives it a whack. And cuts it down to size. Clear writing is Stephanie’s trademark; empathetic writing is her strength. Copy that connects with the target market is the inevitable result. Before playing with words at ryanedwards, Stephanie was at J. Walter Thompson, Toronto; Young & Rubicam, Toronto; and Baker Lovick (now BBDO), Toronto.



Kyle Gallant

Senior Designer

The execution of our creative is in the very capable hands of Kyle Gallant. Every piece of work that heads off to the printer, the publisher or the internet is scrupulously crafted by the highly skilled Kyle. Along with designing the materials, he makes sure that all online and offline files required by the various media are accurate, and that deadlines are always met. In this way, he also makes sure Jim doesn’t lose any more hair. At least not at the office.


Andy Kelly

Senior Designer

Andy, the designated British Guy now that Jim’s not around, is a quiet yet dependable force in the office. With an excellent eye for design (even when he is distracted by a Liverpool FC game), he’s helped create beautiful print and online work for clients over the years. Andy has been at ryanedwards since 2011 and has brought his graphic design and branding talents to all our clients.



Jenny Lo

Senior Designer

She has a Bachelor of Applied Science from Waterloo University, but designing bridges didn’t give Jenny quite the same satisfaction as designing cakes. So off she went to George Brown College to study graphic design. Fortunately for us, Jenny’s been with ryanedwards since 2005. Along with designing whatever needs to be designed, Jenny liaises with clients and suppliers and perfects every detail of a project. You only have to meet her two children to know she has a knack for creating quality.


remembering Michael Edwards


Tribute to a Trumpeter Swan
If you go by his stories, which were always entertaining, Michael was born in 1860 in a coal mine in England. Or maybe it was on one. Either way, he acquired a meticulous eye for design and quite the imagination. This stood him well through his 140 years in advertising.Before launching ryanedwards with Jim, Michael was creative director at Foote, Cone & Belding in Toronto. He drove a red sports car and regularly took bags of money (his interpretation) to the FCB parent office in Chicago. He loved the car but wasn’t so fond of those trips to Chicago. In 1989 he gave it all up to form his own ad agency with Jim. And he bought a white Saab.Jim and Michael first worked together at Miller Myers Bruce Dalla Costa. That’s where Jim discovered Michael’s talents—and idiosyncrasies. The man was renowned in Toronto and Montreal for his insatiable appetites. You name it: design, colour, film, sound, music, lighting, illustration, art, typography, words, ideas, pasta at Cibos, martinis at Noodles—Michael adored every aspect of the creative process. But he also respected the business objectives that underpinned creative, and he made sure new concepts served the strategy and weren’t just trolling for awards. It didn’t matter. The awards came anyway, in droves. (His most prized was from Design & Art Direction (D&AD) in England, the industry award show he most respected.)
about-michealMichael was a creative force who also happened to be one of the most compassionate, kind, generous, funny, irreverent, curious, energetic, entertaining, enthusiastic people ever to make an ad. As well as the agencies above, he dazzled clients and colleagues at Scali, McCabe, Sloves,Toronto, McLaren Advertising, Toronto, and McKim Advertising, Montreal.But his dazzle will be most missed by all of us at ryanedwards. He was a rare bird, and we’ll never cease to be influenced by his inextinguishable spirit.

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